Healthy alsi ki pinni recipe and Benefits


Healthy alsi ki pinni recipe and Benefits

Healthy alsi ki pinni recipe and Benefits

Alsi ki Pinni recipe

Everyone loves to make alsi pinni or ladoo and eat it with tea in winter season. Because it is very beneficial for our health, it must be used in winter. It is very easy to make at home so Let’s start preparing alsi pinni.

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Alsi pinni ingredients

Alsi- 1/2 kg

Wheat flour - 1/2 kg

Gaggery - 1 kg

Oil / Ghee - 1 quarter (pao)

Almonds - 100 grams

Gray - 100 grams

Peanuts - 100 grams

Raisins - 100 grams

How to prepare?

First, fry the flax seeds and grind them in a grinder. Put ghee in a pan and fry the wheat flour and then add crushed flax seeds and all the dried fruits and mix. Prepare the syrup by dipping jaggery in two glasses of water on flame. Then strain the syrup and add it to all the mixed ingredients and mix well. And then make its square or round shapes (ladoo) and keep it. Your Alsi pinni is ready. Store the pinni in an air-tight container, that can be consumed for over one month. Eat alsi pinni every day along with tea when you need.

Alsi pinni benefits

As well as being delicious, it also contains omega-3 fatty acids. Lowers cholesterol. Helps alsi pinni for weight loss. Helps to keep blood pressure, mood, sleep, sugar normal. Makes skin and scalp hair healthy.

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