How to make Mint Margarita? Easy Mint Margarita Recipe

Mint Margarita Recipe

How to make Mint Margarita? Easy Mint Margarita Recipe

In five-star hotels, some drinks are prepared very easily and cheaply, but their names are difficult, and the price speaks to the sky. Some of these drinks like Mint Margarita are very beneficial and delicious for summer.

It is the month of Ramadan and consuming cold drinks at the time of breaking the fast increases the enjoyment of breaking the fast. You can use mint margarita daily to improve your health, you can also prepare it at home, and it is easy to make.



  1. Water
  2. Cold Drink (7Up or Sprite)
  3. Mint leaves
  4. lemon
  5. Black salt
  6. Suger
  7. A few ice cubes


Time required:

It only takes 5 minutes to make a delicious mint margarita drink.


Detailed recipe for Mint Margarita

Grind the green leaves of mint make a paste and keep it in the fridge. When needed, take it out and make a drink using the following method:

If you want to make four glasses, two tablespoons of mint paste or green leaves + two tablespoons of sugar + one cup of crushed ice + four lemons, and four glasses of Seven Up or Sprite

Put everything in a juicer run the juicer for two to three minutes and pour it into the glasses. Your "mint margarita" is ready.

After drinking it, you will feel cold in your chest. It is very beneficial in summer.

These four glasses will cost you a thousand in any five-star hotel.

Cool the liver, stomach, and chest by making it yourself and serving it to guests to relieve their heat.

Recipe by Food Fusion

Mint Margarita Benefits

Mint margarita contains essential nutrients and vitamins that make it a healthy drink. This drink improves health by providing many benefits.

  • Improves digestive health.
  • Improves respiratory health.
  • This healthy drink soothes irritated nose and throat.
  • Reduces the severity of cough and sore throat.
  • Reduces bad breath.
  • Improves mental health.
  • Relieves headache.
  • Can relieve fatigue.
  • Helps in weight loss.

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