Russian Salad Recipe - Cooking with Saira

Russian Salad Recipe


Russian Salad Recipe - Cooking with Saira

Today we are going to make a Russian salad which is very tasty and very easy to make. Just learn to prepare the recipe once and then eat Russian salad at home when you feel like it.

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You will need the following ingredients to make a Russian salad at home.

Russian salad recipe

Russian salad ingredients:

  • Boiled Potatoes 2
  • Apples 2
  • Pineapple Chunks 1 Cup
  • Boiled Carrot 1 Cup
  • Boiled Peas 1 Cup
  • Boiled Egg 1
  • Mayonnaise 1 Cup
  • Fresh Cream 1/2 Cup
  • Caster Sugar 2 tbsp
  • Salt 1 tsp
  • Black Pepper 1/4 tsp
  • White Pepper 1/2 tsp

How to make Russian salad?

Take a bowl, first add mayonnaise and fresh cream and mix well, and then salt, white pepper powder, black pepper powder and castor sugar. When this cream is well mixed, cut potatoes, carrots, and pine apple into small pieces and add these boiled potatoes, apples, boiled peas and carrots and pineapple into cream.

Here is a delicious Russian salad is ready. Make it for your family, make it for your friends and enjoy it.

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